Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Why are people so rude? When you head out to a restaurant obviously you want to be treated like you matter and even possibly like royalty. But have you noticed the tables around you that just expect way to much! Today at my Denny's one of the newer servers had the customer from hell. First this customer ran the poor girl asking for drink after drink none of which were good enough, second she decided that she wanted to substitute everything off of the meal she was asking for, for something else. Then when the server had put the order in, she decided that she didn't want any of it. So the server had to run to the kitchen to cancel. Then the woman made her get the manager when she finally asked for a substitute that we just can't make. Eggs are cheaper than anything else on the menu so we can not trade them out for anything. You can however opt not to receive them. I mean no one is holding a gun to you head saying you have to order eggs! This woman made her server go and get the manager so that she could repeat the same explanation over again. Okay so this task is completed and done but the woman is still giving attitude. The server then asks me to refill the coffees at the table for her, because she is now way behind on her other tables. I swear this woman actually slammed the cup down in front of me, no sign of a "thank you", "please", or "what have you" to be seen! Well needless to say this woman carried on like this entirely throughout her meal and just gave her server as much grief as she possibly could. As servers we all know when someone is doing this you will get one of two things, a dollar or nothing at all. Okay, so I know that most people are not like this... but many are. And those few people can sometimes ruin the whole day for that server. It's crazy to see a crew from wal-mart come in, they too work in the grunt form of customer service, and they will be the most demanding and rudest people ever. I love my job but some days I go home hating people. I trust God everyday to provide me with the money to help me support my child, and while yes I chose this job. One, because it was one of the only things available and I needed the work, but two, because some days the money is great and I enjoy talking and being around people. I don't know if you are reading this and know that you are one of these people. But next time you go into a restaurant and you have a nice server,(and yes I realize that there are plenty of rude and nasty servers out there too.) just one smile could get you more than all the bitching (pardon my French)in the world. If you have to send something back a simple "please" will get it faster than a nasty "NOW." Think about it, How would you like to be served? Just being served or being served with a smile and respect for you as the customer.