Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is the deal?

What is the deal?
I went into a book store today to pick up the book. "He's just not that in to you" and a few others for Natasha, and I was amazed by all of the dating books out there. I was going to get this book because I really liked the movie and I thought it would be funny. At first browsing through these books was a little fun. One about why men loved bitches and why they married them, one about how to meet you're prince charming, and can't forget the one that stated it would make you the type of woman men want to marry or the one about how to get over the fact he cheated on you and hurt you physically to make him what you want.
As I am searching through these titles my amazement turns to being appalled. There wasn't a single book directed to men and how to find the woman of their dreams, or how to be the type of a man that woman want to marry or even how not to cheat and make your woman happy.
There was only one book there that I would have even considered reading and that is about why woman liked being single and loving their lives.
I love the fact I am single. Although I am dating and enjoying talking to a certain gentleman. I am still enjoying the fact that I am truly concentrating on providing a life for my daughter and myself. I have applied to schools and saving money to make MY dreams happen.
You see I have a problem that a lot of woman have. I get in a relationship and then it becomes all about HIM. I put HIM first, I get what HE likes, and I do what HE wants to do.
IF I choose to get into another relationship. It will be because I want to and I simply REFUSE to change who I am so that I can attract my prince charming!