Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Warmth, sleep, dreams of things to personal to speak of... What the heck is that confounding beeping! Oh my alarm. Yesterday was the start of my new exercise routine. I decided my alarm could be set for 4:45am and that would give me time to get dressed and grab my gym bag as I headed out the door to get to my gym at 5:00am. I packed my bag the night before, Shoes for work, pants, toothpaste and tooth brush, and so on the list went. I checked over the list a few times till I was sure that I had everything. Never be to sure of anything!
Beep, Beep, Beep! I am slow to jump up, How could I have ever thought this was a good idea! I dress in my workout attire and proceed to try to go out the door, Oh wait where are my keys... Natasha had them so they are of course in her... play car, what was I thinking?
OK try to run out the door, wait I need my apron for work, run to my bedroom grab my apron and once again head for the door.
Once in the car I get to my gym and place my things in a  locker and head to a treadmill. Ahhh finally time to get down to exercise. I look at the clock and it is... What!!!! 10 minutes till I am suppose to shower and leave for work! 
So I am able to push the time a little and work out for a full 15 Min's before I have to shower and head to work. 
Needless to say I learned my lesson and today I was up and ready for the  gym by 4:40 am and walking out the door at 4:50. 
I had a full workout and even had time to take my time with my makeup. As I turn to leave this morning I see the dreaded scale and realize that in my haste the prior day I did not weigh myself. So I drop my gym bag and take a deep breath. and step up to the plate...
My starting weight is 220lbs. I'm sure you realize just how hard it is to type that number in and not alter it at all! My goal by summer is 180lbs. This time next year I have the goal of 150lbs. That gives me  70lbs that I will take off and a year to do it in!

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Barb Jacobucci said...

Hi Denise. Welcome to blogging. I will enjoy watching your journey. A battle that we ALL are in together. I also 'attempt' to workout in the morning. I've learned a trick! It is NOT 4:30 in the morning when the alarm goes off. Nope. It is simply 'time to get up'. It has changed the volume of groans for me in the morning when that beeping starts! Have fun with your blog!