Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here we go...

Here I am again, I promised myself I would never see the size of 16 again and yet here I am looking down at the size of the jeans I am trying on. At least I have decided to come out of my denial before I hit the size 18 again!
For the last little while I have used my daughter as an excuse... "I was a size 11 before I had my daughter," or "Yes ever since Natasha was born..." Well my beautiful baby is no longer a baby, She will be turning three in a month and a few days. No it is no longer because I was pregnant, it is now because I am lazy!
So here I go again, This year I did not make it a resolution to lose the weight, ( If I had I would not be keeping it.) No, I decided before Christmas that by my own birthday I will once again see the size of 14, (March 11th) and by summer I will not be ashamed to put on a bathing suit. 
I think that I am setting realistic goals for myself, none of those I am going to lose 50lbs in 2 months, I want this to be a life long thing. To teach my daughter that it is great to be active and healthy and not get her hooked on all of the junk food out there.
So I am going to document my journey here, and if my trials and issues help others, great but it is mostly because now I have accountability. By posting this and letting all of you in on my horror stories as well as successes, I am challenging myself to succeed. So I am posting my before picture so That I will be reminded that I have let you in on my journey and you can see what I am starting from. And hopefullysee me succeed... no be there WHEN I succeed!

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Zandria said...

I found you! Your mom actually sent me the right address. I love when my friends have blogs, because it's easier to stalk them. :)

I know you can do this! Those aren't unrealistic goals in the slightest. :)